Street Furniture

CABA - Línea E - Ingreso a Estación Catalinas

Av. Lenadro N. Alem y Paraguay, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires.


Midscreen located at the entrance to Line E of Catalinas subway station, in the intersection of Leandro N. Alem Avenue and Paraguay Street, Buenos Aires. This screen has a very good visibility for passengers entering and the busy traffic of the area. To this led are added 8 Mid Screens strategically distributed in the different entrances of the line: Retiro, Catalinas, Correo Central, Bolívar, Independencia, Belgrano, Boedo and La Plata.

Tech Specs

  • Screen ID: 5572
  • Size: 504x336
  • Screen Location: Outdoor




CABA - Línea E - Ingreso a Estación Catalinas, Buenos Aires