Bogotá - Chapinero - Calle 100 y Carrera 11

Calle 100 y Carrera 11, Bogotá, Bogotá.


Billboard located at Calle 100 and Carrera 11, in the national capital of Bogotá, Colombia. This large-format screen is in a highly strategic location due to the large traffic flow on one of the city's main thoroughfares. Also, the area is characterized for being an important commercial and business sector and for being close to the Military University and Migration Office. It can also be viewed on the direction of the Andino Shopping Center, Canadian Embassy, Parque de la 93 and the Retiro Shopping Center.

Tech Specs

  • Screen ID: 6440
  • Size: 1344 x 432
  • Screen Location: Outdoor




Bogotá - Chapinero - Calle 100 y Carrera 11, Bogotá