United States

Iconic Premium Spectaculars

US - NY - Manhattan - Times Square - Broadway St.

1500 Broadway St., New York, Manhattan - Times Square.


The screen is strategically positioned at 1500 Broadway and 43rd Ave. in the heart of the Times Square Plaza.

It is situated across from the iconic NASDAQ and right across from 1 Times Square Plaza, where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. The Broadway Spectacular stands alone, without neighboring screens to clutter the message. At night, it looks as though it is floating!

The screen’s dimensions are 29’ x 56’ for a total of 1,624 square feet of viewing space. The screen in full motion and full color with no audio.

Tech Specs

  • Screen ID: 2965
  • Size: 1056x512
  • Screen Location: Outdoor




US - NY - Manhattan - Times Square - Broadway St., Manhattan - Times Square