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Earn time, save money

Manage multiple screens at zero effort.

In a simple and effective way, you can manage your direct sales. Taggify Programmatic will optimize your spaces to generate more without loosing control.

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If you want to save time and money

CMS Programmatic Integration

Programmatic Integration made it simple

Integrate your DOOH Content Management Platform with Programmatic Taggify Supply Side Platform.

Iterative content Carousel

Iterative Content Carousel

Let's say you have a customer that wants to show different creatives in its advertising slot. Ok, you can do it and show different content each time in its turn, making your customer transform that campaign into a smarter one, and also saving money.

DOOH, Unified Reports: Direct Sales & Programmatic

Unified Sales Reports

It never was so easy to track your direct and programmatic revenue until now. With Taggify CMS you are able to see it unified or each revenue stream. Even more important, get a clear view of your revenues by Brand, Customer, Screens or Days.

Bulk content upload

Bulk content upload

Bulk uploading will make the platform easy to handle and save time. At the same time you upload content, you can easily assign it to one or many screens.

Digital Signage - Screen Cloning

Simplifying multiple screens creation

When you need to upload new screens with similar settings. We offer the option to clone a screen and then edit differences.

Schedule events for your screens

Schedule Content in CMS

Schedule Events with exclusivity for your playlist in LED screens.

Digital Signage - Ad preview

Ad preview

Ad Preview will help you at one sight to see the content, size and screens associated to it.

Digital Signage - Multiple Players in a Single PC

One PC with Multiple Players

Multi-Players means saving money. With a single computer, you can manage multiple windows, and each window is a screen with an autonomous playlist. So, each of these can show different content.

DOOH CRM | Manage Screen Pricing, Customers and Brands

Manage Screen Pricing, Customers and Brands

Manage gross pricing per screen, customers, discounts and brands.

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