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Amazon Music Argentina: an exponent in pDOOH campaigns

Amazon Music launched its version for Argentina in May 2022, and the announcement of this great news included an exclusive out-of-home campaign through the Taggify platform.

Amazon Music

The streaming giant made the big announcement with a 7-month programmatic campaign that featured weekly outputs, once again demonstrating the power of the pDOOH medium.

With a library of 90 million high-quality songs, special plans, podcasts, and playlists designed for the local audience, Amazon Music Argentina announced its arrival in the country with an impressive campaign. This launch and subsequent promotion could be seen on the iconic screens at the Obelisco Monument of Buenos Aires City.

Matterkind was the agency responsible for developing this campaign in collaboration with Taggify, with exclusivity as the main motto. The programmatic platform's tools made it possible to have regular weekly exclusive outputs during 35 Thursdays between May and December 2022. The 15-second spots were displayed uninterrupted from 8 PM to 9 PM on 3 large LED screens, 4 Street Furniture located in Kiosks, and 1 Digital Totem. During that hour, different artists and releases were showcased and updated every week, all aimed at the target audience who were commuting back home at that time. Trueno, Lali, Bizarrap, Duki, Tini are some of the +40 artists who were promoted along with their releases and playlists offered by the platform.

The overwhelming figures of the campaign are the result of perseverance and an immense effort that can only be achieved with technology like Programmatic DOOH:

  • Impressions: 119,700
  • Impacts: 6,253,501
  • Duration (weeks): 35
  • Artists: +40


These are the main numbers that support the success of this campaign, which managed to announce its launch and generate brand awareness among the target audience. All of this was possible thanks to the tools offered by Taggify, which include Timezone, Day-Parting, and Buying Pace, resulting in an effective campaign with efficient costs and resource use, but above all, innovative and memorable.

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