Kinesso · AMEX · Argentina

Experience the Copa America 2024 with Amex and Taggify’s DOOH Campaign

The American Express card used the tools of Taggify's outdoor advertising platform (DSP) to publicize the raffle of a trip and tickets for the Argentina vs. Peru match on June 29.

Selecting 50 screens in Greater Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires on Taggify's DSP platform, Amex focused on formats such as billboards, street furniture and indoor totems during the two-month campaign.


With more than 170 years and in 160 countries around the world offering its services, American Express partnered with the agency Kinesso to inform about the sweepstakes of those who use their cards in the participating areas. This was done using the following tools available on the Taggify platform.


  • The right time and place: Chances increased as users increased their purchases with AMEX cards, so the brand segmented people already using its services on the Taggify platform.
  • Presence that stands out: The strategy took advantage of Taggify's extensive screen coverage on Avenues and busy streets in Buenos Aires, as well as the bus station in Retiro and the Obelisk, where thousands of people circulate daily. Some locations where advertising was seen were Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, Puerto Madero, San Nicolás, Pilar, Pueblo, Caamaño, Tigre, Victoria and Belgrano.
  • Impactful content: Thanks to the use of moving content that Taggify's programmatic platform allows, Amex used a video of the Argentina National Team with the most recognized players on the team. It also used text animations and the brand's logo to encourage participation in the sweepstakes, thus increasing its impact and brand recall.
As a result of the campaign, Amex achieved more than 6 million impacts in the two months that the campaign ran. It managed to impact its audience and boost the feeling of the game with the hashtag #vivitupasion, the campaign's slogan, which was displayed on Taggify's programmatic platform.