Kinesso · Cetol · Argentina

Cetol shines with its POOH campaign on Taggify's platform

For three months, the wood protector advertised its star product on BIG LED screens in Argentina.

Cetol belongs to the multinational brand AkzoNobel, which is the world's largest coatings' manufacturer, employs approximately more than 50,000 people and is present in 80 countries. The product is an excellent wood protector that gives a natural shine and high protection for all types of wood.


Cetol must advertise its product in outdoor advertising in Argentina.


To strategically develop the campaign, Cetol used the following features of Taggify's DSP.

  • Geographic Targeting: The brand partnered with the agency Kinesso and, through Taggify's platform, launched the campaign in multiple provinces and the most populated cities in Argentina. In this way, Cetol impacted its audience on billboards in Greater Buenos Aires, the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Neuquén, Córdoba, Rosario, and Mendoza.
  • Creatives in Motion: To better capture the attention of drivers and passersby, the brand used videos to show its product and its different features. This generated greater attraction. In addition, thanks to Taggify's DSP, the impressions are executed precisely at the times when most people are circulating the place. Making the performance of the campaign more efficient.
  • Hashtags: The content invited audience participation with the hashtag #Concetolduramas to encourage interaction from their community, creating bigger brand recognition.
As a result from the quarterly campaign, Cetol managed to reach 4,791,959 people with a total of 20,493 impressions during September, October and November.