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Digital Out-of-Home: Energizer Supercharges its Brand Presence with Taggify's Platform

The well-known battery brand advertised outdoor for a month, using the best features of programmatic platform

Energizer is one of the world's largest batteries and portable lighting manufacturers. With a presence in more than 160 countries, the American brand has been synonymous with innovation since it created the first battery in 1896.


Energizer had to impact its target audience in different parts of the South American country with its innovative campaign.


It used Taggify's DSP functionalities to access a wide range of screens when its audience was circulating the location.

  • Screen Clustering: Energizer, in partnership with agency Kinesso, employed one of the biggest benefits of Taggify's platform, connecting screens from different sites on a single platform. As a result, the brand accessed a broad national audience in the most populated provinces and at key circulation points.
  • Multiple Formats: the diverse locations offered by Taggify's platform allowed Energizer to utilize 17 screens. These included large Billboards and Street Furniture, achieving efficient coverage, as different formats work best for different audience segments.
  • Innovative creative: attractive creatives and the brand's collaboration with an upcoming movie, such as Trolls 3, helped the target audience's attention span. Impacts and similar metrics could be observed in the reports Taggify's programmatic platform provided.
Energizer managed to reach 3 million people during the 31 days of the campaign. This result shows the massiveness of outdoor advertising and how it consolidates brand presence.