Kinesso · Dove · Argentina

Dove Boosts its Presence with Outdoor Advertising on Taggify's Platform

In collaboration with marketing agency Kinesso, Dove implemented an advertising campaign that captured the attention of its audience for a month, taking advantage of Taggify's DSP platform.

Renowned personal care brand Dove decided to intensify its outdoor advertising strategy with strategically placed screens in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Province of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Santa Fe.

Indoor and outdoor screens were used in key locations such as shopping malls and big LEDs, in addition to the screens in the Obelisco, a highly recognized area of Argentina, thus ensuring an effective presence in strategic locations.

The beauty brand used precise segmentation of its audience, using detailed criteria that included geographic locations, demographic variables and consumer behaviors.

Dove relied on Taggify's expertise to execute a campaign that incorporated advanced programmatic features such as Day-Parting and Buying-Pace. This tactic allowed creatives to be displayed when the audience was most receptive, maximizing brand exposure.

The Buying Pace feature of Taggify's DSP platform provided Dove with the ability to manage and optimize the purchase of ad space on DOOH displays efficiently.

In this way, they adjusted the buy and budget to obtain the best cost-benefit ratio, ensuring an impactful and effective presence in the Argentine market.

Dove's creative strategy, with the question “Do you want to feel your hair moisturized?”, appealed to the public circulating in the area, and was combined with the main benefit of the campaign: 100 hours of hydration.

Dove is a brand that has stood out in personal care since its beginnings in 1957, offering products ranging from soaps and shower gels to creams and deodorants. Its commitment to quality and authenticity is reflected in the careful choice of ingredients to meet the needs of its consumers.

As a result of the campaign, Dove achieved 5,817,189 impacts from 16,273 impressions. It will continue through December, which will amplify its results.