Matterkind · Mercado Libre · Argentina

Mercado Libre and Bizarrap fascinate with their DOOH campaign at the Obelisk in Buenos Aires

The multinational's campaign strategically used fourteen screens simultaneously, located in an iconic area of the City of Buenos Aires, such as the Obelisk. The chosen locations included premium and large LED screens, as well as totems and subway stations.

Last Monday, July 24, the screens located in one of the most recognized areas of Argentina showed the exclusive collaboration between artist Bizarrap and Mercado Libre through Taggify's DSP platform.

The collaboration of the agency Matterkind was fundamental to carry out this campaign, which ran from six to seven o'clock in the evening continuously. The Day parting functionality of Taggify's DSP platform made it possible to choose the specific day and time to develop the campaign, achieving a more precise and impactful advertising by reaching the target audience at the right time.

Simultaneously, the screens displayed the same ad, which allowed to generate greater brand awareness, capturing the interest of those who were walking and stopping to watch the screens that illuminated the night of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).

The main objective of this exclusive campaign was to publicize the commercialization of the musician's cap, which he developed with the U.S. brand New Era, on the platform. To achieve this, multiple creatives were designed, both static and dynamic, with calls to action in vibrant colors, inviting to buy the product in the application. The brand's color selection, which generated contrast and impact, was essential to stand out on DOOH, making the most of contextual advertising.

The moving video content showed the Bizarrap cap, its most representative symbol. While Mercado Libre's operators tried to recover it without success, the original cap, among an endless number of replicas, was sent without knowing what its final destination would be. The message that accompanied the advertisement reads: “I got the official BzRP cap. And maybe you'll get the one he wore”.

These videos were part of a comprehensive strategy involving different channels and media, including the brand's social networks and influencers. Thanks to outdoor advertising (OOH), the reach and notoriety of the campaign was massive.

You can watch the video of this case on our YouTube channel:

The campaign achieved excellent results due to programmatic buying features that allowed for location synchronization, media flexibility and real-time display automation, all enabled by Taggify's DSP platform. This resulted in a resounding success for Mercado Libre, as the Bizarrap caps sold out after going on sale.