Matterkind · Mercado Libre · Argentina

Mercado Libre made an impact with its flash dooh campaign during the Hot Sale

Hot Sale lasts three days and is organized by the Argentine Chamber of Electronic Commerce. On these dates, brands offer big discounts and traffic to online sales platforms increases significantly.

The leading e-commerce site in Latin America sought to increase traffic to its website during the Hot Sale, one of the most recognized online sales events in Argentina and the world.

The campaign used digital screens in strategic locations with high traffic, such as the Obelisk. Also, big screens located on main avenues were used to display eye-catching and dynamic ads. The real-time ads were able to capture the public's attention, increasing the amount of traffic to Mercado Libre's website.

The main objective of the advertising was to show the benefits that consumers could find if they entered online ecommerce during the course of the hot sale 2023 event. These consisted of exclusive offers and 12 fixed installments for purchases made during the celebration.

In addition, the campaign achieved a high level of dynamism, as the advertising exchanged its video creatives during the course of the campaign, thanks to the possibilities provided by Taggify in its digital out of home platform.

Mercado libre reached a considerable audience at key times of the day. The creativity and dynamism of the ads, and the interactivity with the audience, allowed them to get more information about the Hot Sale offers and discounts, generating a great impact in the minds of consumers.

In this way, the advertising contributed greatly to the success of sales during the Hot Sale event. It managed to reach a massive and highly valuable audience at key times of the day, such as peak hours and high traffic, using the features available through Taggify's DSP platform. At the end of the advertising, Mercado Libre achieved a total of 5,800,000 impacts and 3,618 impressions, which reaffirms the success of programmatic outdoor advertising in a brand's media strategy.