Publicis · Milka · Argentina

Milka partnered with Taggify to make an impact in outdoor advertising

The renowned chocolate brand decided to boost its advertising strategy on screens in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe.

Milka relied on the marketing agency Publicis Groupe and Taggify's DSP platform to carry out the campaign, which ran for a month. It used the programmatic features of day parting and buying pace, and selected screens strategically placed in kiosks, totems and big Leds.

The chocolate brand used precise and detailed segmentation of its audience and, through specific locations, was able to impact its target audience. It strategically defined criteria such as geographic locations, demographics, and consumer behaviors. This ensured that its ads were shown only to those most likely to respond positively to the message.

Milka was able to schedule the display of its ads at specific times of the day when its target audience would be most receptive. In this way, creatives were displayed during peak hours to maximize exposure.

The DSP platform's buying pace feature allowed Milka to manage and optimize how they purchased ad space on DOOH displays. They were able to adjust their buying and budget efficiently to ensure they were getting the best cost/benefit ratio.

Milka's creative strategy, with its message, You're one Milka away from feeling at home. The use of the brand's signature lilac color and its iconic product, a piece of chocolate, generated a high level of brand recognition and recall among the audience.

Combining these elements, Milka generated brand recognition among its audience by placing its logo in a central location, as well as its slogan: “The Taste of Tenderness”, which is included in the ad, while taking advantage of the dynamic and static ad possibilities of Taggify's DSP.

The company was born in 1901 and is one of the most prestigious in the world. Its name “Milka” is a combination of milk and cocoa (“Milch” and “Kakao” in German). Milka uses only carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and offers products such as chocolate bars, cookies, chocolates, and bars.

As a result, the campaign achieved 1,995,006 impacts from 16,690 impressions. With advanced segmentation, personalization and purchase optimization functionalities that boosted recall and brand awareness, the campaign reached a large audience and significantly impacted the perception of the Milka brand in the Argentinean market.