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How Nesquik achieved 6 million impacts with its DOOH campaign on Taggify

Nesquik, the brand of the multinational company Nestlé, advertised its traditional cocoa-based recipe for three months on Taggify's DSP platform. Find out what outdoor advertising features made this campaign memorable.

The beverage brand utilized the Taggify platform for its outdoor advertising campaign in Argentina to impact its audience at the right time and place.


Created in 1948 in the United States, Nesquik, which also manufactures other products such as instant milkshakes and breakfast cereals, needed to impact its audience throughout Argentina. To achieve this, it partnered with the agency Kinesso.


Its campaign strategy focused on the following features of the Taggify DSP platform.

  • Increased Visibility: Nesquik positioned itself among its audience through digital screens on Taggify's DSP platform, strategically placed in crowded locations. The brand used over 50 screens nationwide, utilizing different formats including big LEDs and totems, among others.
  • Geographical Targeting: The campaign strategy pinpointed the most recognized neighborhoods in the capital city of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires area (Palermo, Recoleta, Retiro, Villa Crespo, Pilar, Castelar, etc.), as well as the provinces of Córdoba, Corrientes, and Santa Fe. This ensured that the message reached the right audience at the right time and place.
  • Brand Identity: The brand utilized moving content, characteristic of the pDOOH medium, in its distinctive yellow color and blue text, complementing the product with the rabbit figure that accompanies its brand identity messages. In this way, it reinforced its comprehensive media strategy with outdoor advertising and increased engagement and message retention.
As a result of this successful campaign, Nesquik achieved 6 million impressions. Consequently, the brand was able to verify, thanks to Taggify's measurement tools, the increased popularity among both children and adults alike.