Matterkind · Neutrogena · Argentina

Neutrogena - Dynamic Creatives in Outdoor Advertising

Programmatic OOH allowed Neutrogena to display the entire Hydro boost portfolio, with specific messages depending on the context

Matterkind is the Addressable Trading Desk of IPG Media Brands, one of the largest and innovative marketing agencies around the world. They selected Taggify to handle their programmatic media buying for Outdoor and Indoor.

Matterkind planned a strategy in which Taggify's forecaster selected the highest density time in which those audiences were around screen area. This information was provided by Scopesi, the OOH company that tracks more than 6000 peoples and extrapolate the information to get total universe. They provide us Hourly audience composition of each screen we have onboard.

The agency was measuring the times the ad was displayed and the amount of impacts they achieved. The campaign had support in Display and Social ads previously seen by the user.

The campaign had amazing results: 10,000 ad impressions. 1,500,000 impacts on target (OTS). ARS $0,80 cost per impact.