Matterkind · AMEX · Argentina

American Express reaches more than 500.000 stores in Argentina and announces it with the campaign “Close for you"

The Financial Company is expanding in many major cities of Argentina and Matterkind planned this campaign with Taggify to reach their target.

American Express worked with Taggify programmatic DOOH platform to announce its campaign about new facilities and benefits for their clients in more than 500.000 new stores in the interior of Argentina.

Main objective of the brand was to communicate this great step in the region. During Q3, Taggify's DSP was used in three mayor cities as Mendoza, Rosario and Córdoba. Using Dayparting, the platform allowed the brand to adapt the time zone of the locations and manage the spaces to impact its audience in a more effective way.

With more than 20,000 spots, American Express efficiently impacted its target, with one single platform, investing better in the right time and place to reach them.