Publicis · Samsung · Argentina

Samsung presented its new Galaxy Z Flip 5 in a Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) in collaboration with Taggify

Samsung partnered with marketing agency Publicis Groupe and used Taggify's programmatic platform to increase reach, visibility and build brand awareness among its audience.

The world's leading mobile device sales brand used motion creative to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 5 during August and September in Argentina.

The strategically selected screens were Big LEDs and totems in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in the vicinity of the Abasto Shopping Mall and in Palermo, as well as screens located in the province of Neuquén. These locations were selected through Taggify's DSP because they were in tune with the target audience likely to respond to the ad.

The campaign creative featured the collaboration of Movistar and Samsung, presenting a video that highlighted the features and benefits of the new mobile device. This was possible thanks to DOOH's capabilities to generate dynamic, relevant and engaging content, capable of capturing the attention of both pedestrians and traffic in the area.

Samsung, a South Korean company founded in 1969, quickly became one of South Korea's leading manufacturers and one of the largest producers of electronics globally. It specializes in a wide range of consumer and industrial electronics products, including home appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips and embedded systems.

In the 2000s, Samsung launched its successful Galaxy smartphone series, which not only became the company's flagship product but also frequently topped the annual lists of best-selling smartphones worldwide. Samsung continues to maintain its leading position in global mobile sales, with a 22% market share in the first quarter of 2023.

As a result of this successful DOOH campaign and thanks to Taggify's measurement functionalities, Samsung managed to achieve 5,576 impressions and 1,537,599 impacts during the duration of the campaign.