Kinesso · WD-40 · Argentina

WD-40 and its significant POOH campaign with Taggify in Buenos Aires

The world's most iconic multipurpose lubricant, WD-40, partnered with Taggify to carry out an outstanding outdoor digital advertising campaign (pDOOH) on billboards, big LEDs, and totems.

The brand developed by WD-40 Company, based in San Diego, California, wanted to promote its flagship product WD-40. Its multipurpose lubricant penetrates stuck parts, displaces moisture and protects metal against rust and corrosion.


This strategic collaboration had to impact the brand's audience at key locations in the city, where thousands of people circulate daily.


WD-40 leveraged the following features of Taggify's DSP platform:

  • Hyper-Localized: In its quest to stand out in the Argentine market WD-40 focused on strategic locations in the city of Buenos Aires, including the neighborhoods of Devoto, Villa Crespo, San Nicolás, Palermo, Balvanera, Belgrano, Recoleta and Caballito.
  • Buying Pace: Buying available space on totems and big LEDs, distributed impressions throughout the day. In this way, it executed its media budget according to the segmentation strategy implemented.
  • Day Parting: Structured the campaign on specific days of the week. The campaign managed to impact the audience at the time it was circulating on the selected screens.
As a result WD-40 was able to optimize its cost-per-thousand impacts (CPM) by distributing its budget across multiple totems, which proved to be an effective tactic to precise its reach. As a result, the brand achieved 10,850 impressions and an impressive total of 5,206,375 impacts. WD-40's successful campaign in collaboration demonstrates how digital outdoor advertising can be a powerful tool to reach a targeted audience and achieve remarkable results in terms of impacts and cost efficiency.