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Contextual Ads at the right moment of the day

To attract new bicycle riders to re-discover the city.


Matterkind is the IPG programmatic trading desk. They contacted us to innovate in DOOH space. Taggify is providing Ad Operations, optimization and report services to Matterkind.

Itaú, the Brazilian bank won the bicycle public transportation bid in Buenos Aires city. They wanted to promote healthy benefits to ride a bike and re-discover Buenos Aires.

To do this, we helped Cadreon to find screens near the bike spots. After that, we forecasted an approximate amount of impacts they will get. Once the reach and target were defined, the creative agency designed the rules to attract the target.


We impacted to Men and Women from 18 to 36 years. Offering Itaú bikes to re-discover the city. Gold in Festival of Media LATAM - Best Programmatic Campaign.

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