Matterkind · Sedal · Argentina

Discover how Sedal and Taggify revolutionized DOOH with their latest campaign

Through Taggify's DSP platform and the agency Matterkind, this programmatic outdoor campaign was visualized in Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Salta and Santa Fe, guaranteeing an outstanding visibility for the brand on a national level.

The renowned brand of hair products, from the multinational company Unilever, announced the launch of its new Sedal Discipline with hyaluronic acid and vitamin A in Argentina.

Sedal is a brand of hair products, backed by the multinational Unilever. It has positioned itself as a leader in hair care, offering products and solutions for different needs. In its latest launch, it relied on Taggify to promote its new product, during the months of April, May, and June.

To launch its products, it usually partners with important celebrities who make use of it in their creative. In this case, the dynamism that out-of-home digital advertising allows ensured that a video of renowned Argentinean artist Lali Espósito and a breakdown of the main benefits of her shampoo were displayed.

Sedal, through the programmatic outdoor campaign, was able to effectively reach its target audience at the right times and points of interest. Thus maximizing the brand's impact and generating greater positioning for its products. Thanks to Taggify's demand side platform technology, Sedal positioned itself in the minds of its target audience.

The brand achieved an impressive 3,962,634 impacts and 11,149 impressions. In this sense, it was able to effectively convey the benefits of its products, optimizing the resources invested in programmatic advertising. Last updated June 27, 2023. Taggify Communication Team.