Kinesso · Subway · Argentina

Subway delighted with its new recipe in pDOOH with Taggify

The U.S. fast food brand unveiled its new vegan sandwich in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires with the programmatic platform DSP.

Subway, one of the world's largest fast food brands, launched an effective outdoor advertising campaign, focusing on making an impact in the vicinity of its stores with standout creative.


The brand's challenge was to attract customers near its stores. By advertising its new recipe on screens in the City of Buenos Aires.


The brand from Connecticut (USA) partnered with the agency Kinesso and relied on the following functionalities of Taggify's programmatic platform.

  • Retail outreach: The campaign focused on screens in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, where Subway has the largest number of stores, 36, where it presented its new sandwich: a recipe that combines quinoa and guacamole, in a new flavor called “Veggie Fusion”.
  • Key formats: To carry out the campaign, which lasted two months, Taggify's demand-side platform made available its most important Big LEDs and Totems screens. Formats that favored the visualization of the creative used by the brand.
  • Creative highlights: The brand combined static and moving creatives to increase the expectations of its new recipe. They showed the ingredients while the sandwich was being made, which appeared on-screen with different movements, catching the target audience's attention.
As a result, Subway achieved 2,979,771 impacts in the nation's capital. Thus, it unveiled its new recipe in the vicinity of its establishments. This favored the affluence and purchase of new customers in the stores.