Primetime Rules

Maximize Peak Hour Earnings with Our Programmatic DOOH/pDOOH Platform

At Taggify, we believe in the power of clear, detailed, and transparent information. That's why our reporting section offers you a comprehensive view of everything you need to know about your campaign. With daily, hourly, and screen-by-screen impressions, you can delve deep into your data, uncover hidden insights, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Our hyper-segmented reports allow you to group and filter according to multiple dimensions available on the interface. This level of granular detail means you can see exactly what's working and what isn't, helping you optimize your strategy and boost your ROI.


  • Request counts
  • Full Impressions
  • CPMs
  • Group by Brands
  • Group and Filter by Screens
  • Group and Filter by Date and Hours
  • Export to CSV / Excel

Experience the true power of data with Taggify, and let our detailed and transparent reports guide you to success.

Primetime Rules