How to improve a DOOH campaign with Taggify's audience forecasting


Digital out-of-home advertising today is highly effective because it leverages data to reach the right audience with the right message. Taggify offers a forecast that allows you to predict the performance of a DOOH campaign and, in this way, make the results more effective. In this article, we explain how, with this information, agencies and brands can increase the value of their digital out-of-home campaigns.

Last update: October 27, 2023

Understanding a DOOH audience forecast

A forecast provides accurate estimates of audience, ad spend, and placements. To calculate the audience, it uses data providers or DMPs that provide information about the circulation of people in different locations. In this way, data from screens and circulation information is combined by days and hours, based on a given time range. This way, impressions, and impacts are estimated, among other metrics we will see below.

Outdoor audience metrics

From selecting the campaign budget and audience parameters such as age, gender and socioeconomic level, the platform generates metrics that can be viewed on the Taggify DSP dashboard, these are:

Reach: Total number of times an ad can be seen (impact) by the chosen audience in a selected location, Opportunity to see (OTS).

Targeted universe: Number of unique people who are part of the selected target.

Coverage: Percentage of the target reached during the campaign period.

GRP: Gross rating point, calculated based on target universe and reach.

Frequency: Average number of times a person can potentially see an ad during a given time.

Ad impressions: Number of impressions on selected screens during a given time.

Cost per impact: How much it costs to reach an impact. Measured based on total impacts and campaign budget.

Campaign duration: Based on available inventory, budget, daily budget, and dates scheduled for the campaign.

Screens: Number of screens selected for the forecast.


Using this tool helps to be more efficient in an advertising industry that needs data accuracy. For this reason, at Taggify we are dedicated to providing technological developments that improve campaign performance based on accurate and effective data.