Programmatic DOOH Audience Glossary

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When it's the time to start Audience Targeting in Programmatic DOOH, there are several names that you will start using in Taggify platform.

Last update: October 6, 2021

Coverage: amount of different and unique people reached by that location in a period of time.

Frequency: Average amount of times that those different and unique persons were in touch with that location in a period of time.

Total Impacts: Unique people times the frequency rate, it's equal to total impacts of a specific location in a period of time, this is also known as OTS or Opportunity to See). This information might vary according the data provider.

Total Universe: Amount of unique persons that are part of selected target or clusters.

Coverage Percentage: Total reached target percentage.

GRP: Gross Rating Point (Total Impacts / Total Universe x 100)