New Taggify player improvement: Update 1.8.2 is here


Taggify’s developer team is making progress in improving and optimizing the DOOH programmatic platform, arriving in August with news: update 1.8.2 is already active and offers new features that allow greater control, order and efficiency over the screens and their contents.

Last update: August 18, 2022

This time, the objective was to simplify existing processes without losing operational capacity. On the contrary, the configuration possibilities are expanded, allowing a greater level of detail and control, both on the screens and content that is transmitted.

  • Setting Value per print or seconds
  • Changing the duration of images or HTMLs
  • Daily ad limit
  • Bulk Import of Screens
  • Viewing content from the Playlist
  • Replacement of Contents

In the previous update, the special "carrousel" content was added, brightness control from the configuration of a screen and warning emails to alert when the screen is offline.

Looking forward, the developers team is already working on the next Deploy that has the Multi-Window functionality as its basic objective, through which several screens can be executed from the same PC and a Gridview, an improvement that allows to display content in a grid from the Playlist.

Taggify does not stop and continues to improve its programmatic platform motivated by offering a complete service, focused on users, efficient and friendly.