Taggify Roundup 2023


Taggify had a great year in 2023, we expanded our team and launched more campaigns with higher impacts and branding than the previous year. In addition, we traveled to multiple events and expanded our reach and that of programmatic advertising in countries where we now have screens. 2023 inspired us to achieve much more going forward. Join us on this Taggify ROUNDUP.

Last update: December 28, 2023


In 2023 our platforms consolidated. Our DSP executed 135% more campaigns than in 2022. In addition, we managed to grow 168% in millions of impacts compared to last year. In terms of the number of brands, we had 83% more than in 2022.

Thus, all our data indicate the consolidation of our platform as a trusted software for planning, launching and measuring outdoor advertising campaigns.


An achievement to highlight is that this year we launched multiple exclusives. Renowned brands such as Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago trusted us to launch campaigns during continuous and simultaneous hours on the most important screens in Argentina.


In addition, our SSP continues to incorporate screens from multiple countries. This year we arrived in Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Paraguay and Panama. Also, we made our presence stronger in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the USA, Spain, India, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa by adding more screens.


Another significant moment in 2023 for our company was the implementation of a redesign of our brand. The main objective of this renewal was to align our corporate identity with the core values that define us: creativity and innovation.

We carefully redesigned our logo, color palette, and typography to more accurately reflect our commitment to technology, development, and innovation.

This rebranding not only improved our visual image but also reinforced our dedication to continuous improvement in all our processes and products.


Throughout 2023, we expanded our team by 43% and our female team by 400%. We are proud to give more opportunities to people eager to innovate in technology and advertising. Not only did we expand in numbers, but we also grew in space. We managed to triple our offices, dividing our facilities by areas to work more comfortably.


This year we were in amazing events, we attended the World Out-of-Home 2023 congress, held in Lisbon. Our participation in a new edition of this prestigious meeting only strengthens our willingness to learn and broaden the company's horizons.

We also traveled to the USA, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Chile, Paraguay, Mexico, and Malaysia, where we strengthened our relationship with partners and met with new companies in the sector.

In these trips, we presented case studies and experiences, as we are one of the oldest companies doing pOOH. These experiences contribute to our future collaborations and ventures with local companies.


2023 was an extraordinary year for Taggify, and we closed it in the best way with growth in all our metrics. Thanks to our team, our platforms, and the values that guide us, we predict an even better 2024.

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We share with you a video that summarizes our year