Innovation: Simplifying Outdoor Advertising


At the recent edition of the ALOOH 2024 forum held in Mexico, we gave a presentation on innovation focused on simplifying complex processes in digital outdoor advertising. Discover what's benefits to improve the effectiveness of Digital Out of Home (DOOH).

Last update: April 22, 2024

The Challenge of Complexity

The digital advertising landscape is characterized by an overwhelming variety of formats, regulations and technology platforms.

At Taggify, we address these challenges by providing a unified platform to simplify all aspects of campaign management, from creative approval to monetization and reporting.

Programmatic DOOH: A Technology Solution

We leverage Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (pDOOH) advertising to deliver real-time bidding capabilities.

This approach not only simplifies media buying, but ensures that advertisers can effectively target their desired audiences with minimal waste.

The integration of first- and third-party data enhances targeting and analytics, providing advertisers with the precision needed in today's competitive environment.

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Artificial intelligence in outdoor advertising

With continuous innovation in mind, at Taggify we aim to integrate artificial intelligence into campaign planning and execution, further simplifying the process and allowing advertisers to launch regional campaigns in minutes.

This technological enhancement anticipates market needs and supports dynamic and responsive advertising strategies.

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Simplify as a solution

As we at Taggify continue to simplify and innovate within the complex DOOH ecosystem, we look to respond as a testament to the power of technology-driven solutions to overcome market challenges and set new standards in advertising efficiency.