Taggify Roundup 2022


We are in the final stages of this great 2022 and in Taggify we have many reasons to celebrate. From campaigns with more than 35 weeks of duration, more than 200 million impacts and thousands of screens incorporated, to the expansion of our teams, the constant optimization of our platforms and the consolidation of our Digital Signage (screen content management system). A year that we can define as a surpassing one, that inspires and motivates us to continue growing, and that gives us many reasons to be proud of:

Last update: December 23, 2022


The dizzying escalation of the DOOH industry in the last year was reflected in the large number of campaigns and cases worked through the platform: only in Argentina a total of 122 advertising campaigns of 31 different brands were run, which in impressions translates into a net of 1,139,771 with an average time that exceeds 11,300,000 seconds of screen exposure. In addition, more than 200,000,000 impacts were generated. International campaigns were also carried out simultaneously, reaching countries such as Mexico, Peru and South Africa.


The expansion of inventory and reach of Taggify's programmatic system is one of the most celebrated achievements. Throughout 2022, Taggify reached the streets of major cities in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and South Africa. In countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and the United States, where it already had a presence, the existing circuits were expanded by adding a large repertoire of screens.


Taggify's most valuable power is the people, who make things happen, and in 2022 they played a key role in our achievements. Not only expanded each team but also, with the progressive return to face-to-face work, we opened a new office in Bolivar city, thus recovering the link and closeness among the members. Not everything was about work and, in order to celebrate our fellowship and friendship, at the beginning of December we took a recreational trip to the neighboring town of Tandil. Away from obligations, we rested, enjoyed Argentina vs. Australia World Cup match, ate a delicious "Asado Criollo" (barbecue), and had fun playing paintball. An ideal retreat to close an exceptional 2022.

Platform Optimization.
Taggify is a platform that, far from laying down on its achievements, is constantly looking for optimization of the full stack system and these are some of the most important updates:

  • Digital Signage (DS): The platform that manages the screen content made improvements in every aspect, here are some milestones:
    • Events: generating a better precision and availability of options when configuring scheduled contents;
    • Content: adding the option of creative carousels, replacing creatives. Or adding a Daily Impressions CAP in order to help advertisers to do smart spending.
    • Administrator, allowing to sell the screens individually by seconds or impressions, and
    • The Player allows you to control different screens from a single PC. Optimizing cost and resources. Giving support to Windows and Linux, and working hard to finally offer it in Android by the beginning of 2023.
  • Demand Side Platform (DSP): campaign launch times were speeded up by more than 300%, taking now only a few seconds, statistics stability and performance were improved, and campaign status details were added, helping media buyers to understand the real status of each campaign (approved creatives, screen status, and pricing). We made visual style corrections in dashboards and general layout to make it more intuitive, automatic calculation of CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) , and UX improvements in general.
  • Supply Side Platform (SSP): the platform that provides real-time availability of display inventory, and improved the support of VAST, Broadsign, and 4YouSee players, generating great support for Worldwide screen owners and Brazilian's most used CMS. It has a faster and error-free statistics engine, optimized filter APIs, and Bulk Import for updating screens and audience performance.


Taggify was present at the WOO Congress in Toronto, Canada, celebrated in May and organized by the World Out of Home Organization (WOO) which we are members since 2019. Then, we attended the important ALOOH Forum held in Sao Paulo, in another great opportunity for meeting and exchange at regional level. Finally, we closed the journey with the APAC Forum (WOO) in October held in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). In this last one, analysis and presentations were made by important referents of the industry and understanding the Asian market.

For these achievements and those that we are sure to come, trusting in the immense capabilities of the team that makes up Taggify, we want to wish you very happy holidays and the best of beginnings for this 2023.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt or if you want to plan a smarter 2023!