Taggify Expands Reach in El Salvador with Veo


The partnership with Veo marks the platform's entry into a new Digital out-of-home market and expands its reach into the world of programmatic outdoor advertising.

Last update: November 21, 2023

Veo, Taggify's new partner in El Salvador, operates digital displays located in San Salvador, the country's capital. This culturally vibrant city provides an ideal platform for brands to effectively reach their audience.

Veo's digital billboards are now available to launch programmatic advertising campaigns through Taggify's platform, highlighting the versatility and seamless integration of the DSP platform.

This partnership represents an exceptional opportunity for brands looking to expand their presence in different countries and build a globally recognized identity. With the ability to reach a diverse audience in one of the most prominent areas of El Salvador, brands can leverage the visibility and impact of programmatic advertising.