Taggify Extends Programmatic Outdoor Advertising to Guatemala


Taggify proudly announces its expansion into Guatemala, opening new horizons for outdoor advertising in Central America.

Last update: January 4, 2024

This expansion redefines the outdoor advertising landscape in the country, allowing brands to take a step forward.

The development enables new advertising opportunities through the use of strategically placed billboards and totems in key locations in Guatemala.

The breakthrough is made possible through a partnership with Grupo Vallas, a significant player with screens in the most recognized countries in Central America.

With the arrival of Taggify in Guatemala, brands gain access to a suite of functionalities on Taggify's DSP Platform, allowing them to craft highly effective outdoor advertising that captures the attention of their target audience.

This expansion underscores Taggify's dedication to expand globally and facilities brands to create a presence on worldwide scale.