Unraveling OOH Advertising: From DOOH to POOH


Dive into the OOH acronym world and discover how POOH is reshaping outdoor advertising, supported by current data and trends.

Last update: November 24, 2023

In the dynamic world of outdoor advertising, terms like OOH (Out of Home), DOOH (Digital Out of Home), and POOH (Programmatic Out of Home) are crucial. Understanding these acronyms is key to grasping the industry's evolution.

Some of these Acronyms and its differences are:

  • OOH: Traditional outdoor advertising (static).
  • DOOH: Digital outdoor advertising (loop).
  • POOH: DOOH with programmatic purchasing (when and where the audience is).
  • pDOOH: Same as POOH, but adding the Digital letter, without digital there's no programmatic.
  • prDOOH: Same as POOH and pDOOH, but adding pr as for programmatic.

POOH represents the natural evolution of DOOH, highlighting the efficiency and precision of programmatic advertising. This trend demonstrates how technology continues to transform outdoor advertising.

The use of acronyms pDOOH and prDOOH can be confusing and redundant in the context of outdoor advertising. When we refer to Programmatic Digital Out of Home, we are implicitly focusing on the digital aspect, as programmatic inherently requires a digital component to operate. Therefore, it is more logical and streamlined to use only the acronym POOH (Programmatic Out of Home). This avoids the redundancy of mentioning “digital” and clarifies that all programmatic advertising in outdoor spaces is, by definition, digital. Unifying under the acronym POOH simplifies understanding and communication in the outdoor advertising industry.


Growth and projections of DOOH & POOH

  • Global Growth (2018-2023): The global DOOH market has shown steady growth, valued at approximately $7,946.05 million in 2022, with a projected expansion to $1,2970.78 million by 2028, at a CAGR of 8.51%​​. Reference.

pDOOH (Programmatic Digital Out of Home)

  • Global Growth (2020-2027): The POOH market size is projected to reach $4,487.4 million by 2027, up from $32,886 million in 2020, representing a CAGR of 41.59% during 2021-2027​​. Reference.
  • Global Trends: Ad spending in POOH is expected to increase by a third (32%) over the next 18 months, with 32% of global advertisers already including it in their campaigns, and 40% planning to increase their investment​​​​. Reference.
  • Situation in Latin America (2020): Programmatic advertising has been on the rise in Latin America, with 63% of digital ad spend estimated to be transacted programmatically, yet less than 2% of Latin America's DOOH buys are transacted programmatically, indicating a significant growth opportunity for POOH in the region​​.