Programmatic Fall-Winter Season


The Fall-Winter season is here, and like every seasonal change, the commercial opportunities that programmatic DOOH offers for brands and advertisements are renewed with storefronts and offers. The opening of sales seasons at this time in the southern hemisphere, particularly in Latin America, are often marked by several common aspects, although it is important to note that there may be variations among the countries in the region.

Last update: March 22, 2023

Climate Change

Despite being the most evident element, it is also key and fundamental to understand the specificities that occur each year. These specificities depend on the annual renewal of market trends that can range from color schemes to specific elements and products. From the textile industry to those dedicated to accessories, technology, etc. On the other hand, the climate also plays a fundamental role in determining the types of screens available for a campaign, whether indoor or outdoor, given that audience behaviors are also influenced. Programmatic tools such as Taggify's Dayparting allow us to manually, easily, and intuitively select available screens and schedules according to the intended targeting. This means the ability to distribute different messages at different times and locations based on the studied movements of the audiences.

Decoration and Ambience

Just as storefronts are renewed and adapted to the new season, so too are screens. Gradually, daily hours of natural light are reduced and brought forward compared to the summer season. This means that audiences who previously did not circulate during daylight hours are now exposed to new conditions that advertisers and creative teams must know how to take advantage of not only for what to advertise but, above all, in how and the strategies that drive it. Programmatic advertising offers a level of dynamism and versatility never seen before, allowing us to advertise different messages at every moment of the day according to the context and particularities of the area in which they are being displayed.

Unique Opportunities

Each period of the year is identified by a series of conditions and characteristics unique to it that go beyond which articles or accessories are most useful to face it. We are talking about all those factors that take place during those weeks and that become key to identifying in order to make the most of them. The Fall-Winter season is accompanied by the reactivation of administrative, educational, work, and, in short, societal routines after the "rest" or "pause" that usually characterizes summer. Therefore, a campaign that manages to position itself in the context of the audience it targets will not only achieve the proposed objectives but will also achieve them by boosting results and saving resources.

Season openings are hinge moments for the general life of our societies. These moments are a good and new opportunity to renew, innovate, and act, notions and concepts that technology incorporates with each of its advances, as well as Taggify with its platform when offering the solutions and facilities required at times like these. Having a dynamic, measurable, and creatively wide-ranging tool is what makes pDOOH the ideal medium-ally for this new Fall-Winter 2023 Season.