Three Strategies to Enhance Your Black Friday with Taggify


Black Friday is one of the globally recognized shopping events that offers brands the opportunity to increase their sales considerably.

Last update: November 24, 2023

In this article, we'll explore three key strategies to make the most of Black Friday through Programmatic Out-of-Home Advertising (POOH).

Personalized offers

One of the keys to success on Black Friday is the personalization of offers. Through programmatic advertising, brands can tailor creatives with different offers that showcase a variety of products and discounts during the specific Black Friday period.

The most appropriate screens for these types of offers are found in the indoor circuits of shopping malls and shopping centers. This makes it possible to create a strategy that dynamically shows consumers the different offers with products close to the purchase decision.

The Right Time

Taggify's digital inventory displays offer the flexibility to tailor advertising creative based on specific days and times. Thanks to programmatic advertising, this process becomes simple and effective.

Leveraging this advantage to distribute the budget on key days of the week maximizes results. By displaying ads at the right time, promotions reach the target audience effectively. In this way, purchase intent is promoted in an audience already predisposed to make a conversion.

Synchronized Content

In the world of programmatic Out-of-Home advertising, context is essential. Thanks to the audience data collection and accurate measurement of Taggify's Demand Side Platform, ads can be customized according to specific demographics, socio-economic profiles and even interests. This provides visibility and efficient impact for each campaign.

In this way, brands can adapt creatives in real time based on factors such as location, and reach different regions or countries with a specific message. This strategy allows for more meaningful contextual connections with the audience. In this case example, the Samsung brand used Taggify's DSP to combine moving creatives across multiple screens in Shopping in Buenos Aires.


Black Friday is an unparalleled opportunity for brands to stand out in the marketplace. Combining this shopping celebration with Taggify's pOOH advertising offers unparalleled potential to effectively reach audiences and drive sales.