Three main factors in outdoor advertising in 2024


The outdoor advertising sector is consolidating year after year. In 2023, we witnessed trends that radically changed the industry landscape. What can we expect in 2024?

Last update: February 27, 2024

If we take into account the revolutionary and unexpected changes that took place during 2023, this year 2024 can be a big unknown.

However, some players drive the DOOH industry from the ground up and from which the latest trends emerge.

Boundless innovation

Advances in technology constantly defy barriers: augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality and 3D at scale.

Device developments and new features in DSP platforms like Taggify's, with audience or point-of-interest-focused buying functionality, push advertising boundaries.

Interactive displays and the incorporation of QR codes, for example, allow brands and agencies to engage in increasingly creative ways.

This enables opportunities for immersive storytelling. This makes outdoor advertising an optimal medium for imagination and inventiveness. This connects to the second point.

Personalization and creativity

The power of data-driven platforms (DMPs) to accurately target audiences and measure campaign performance has continued to deepen in 2023.

In the advertising space, where competition has never been keener, personalization, and measurement allow for the creation of interesting and entertaining content. This factor will continue to drive media but in a less invasive way.

Outdoor media maintains its one-to-many essence, integrating seamlessly with marketing strategies to achieve maximum impact without losing precision.

Physical and digital worlds are two sides of the same coin

The separation between the two worlds no longer exists. People share experiences, they share the digital and physical world.

Programmatic outdoor media is at the forefront of this union, as it connects digital screens with audiences moving around cities.

But not only that, more and more brands are opting for omnichannel marketing strategies, a trend we saw over the past year, and it will only consolidate.

DOOH integrates seamlessly into the omnichannel mix, creating an immersive experience. In this way, brands build their identity at different points of contact with their target audience, combining media and channels.

The outdoor medium is more dynamic than ever, but it is also precise, interactive, and measurable. With programmatic advertising driven by these factors, a year full of great opportunities awaits.

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