How to boost advertising campaigns with moving content


Digital out-of-home (pDOOH) advertising has features that make it increasingly important. One of them is its ability to incorporate video and dynamic content in motion. This is extremely important when it comes to effectively and memorably capturing the attention of consumers, which improves the return on investment.

Last update: May 31, 2023

The effectiveness of motion video in DOOH:

Videos are a powerful tool for capturing consumers' attention and conveying messages in an impactful way. According to the results of a study conducted in outdoor advertising, advertising campaigns implementing full motion content experienced an astonishing 187% growth in shoppers. This clearly demonstrates that motion video is a highly effective strategy for generating audience interest and action.

The role of programmatic advertising in the success of motion video:

Programmatic advertising plays a crucial role in fully harnessing the potential of moving video. Taggify's DSP platform allows advertisers to manage and optimize their ad campaigns easily and efficiently. By using this platform, advertisers can segment their target audience precisely and present them with dynamic motion content that captures their attention immediately.

Standing out in a saturated digital environment:

In an information-saturated digital world, capturing consumers' attention has become more challenging than ever. Moving video is a valuable tool to stand out from the crowd. Studies have shown that users are more willing to interact with video ads, which translates into higher message retention and a higher likelihood of conversion. The combination of dynamic visual content and engaging messaging creates a memorable advertising experience that resonates with the audience as they drive around town.

Drive business growth:

The inclusion of full-size video and dynamic motion content in your programmatic advertising campaigns can make a significant difference in the growth of your business. These engaging and dynamic creatives generate higher user engagement, which translates into increased conversions and sales. In addition, videos allow you to effectively convey the benefits and features of your product or service, building consumer trust and strengthening your brand image.

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In an advertising and highly competitive environment, it is essential to use all available tools to stand out. Taggify, through its DSP platform, provides advertisers with the technological possibilities needed to optimize their campaigns. They can choose multiple content, dynamically replaced in real time, to leverage the power of different content formats and achieve the best results.