15 Reasons to invest in pDOOH - Programmatic Out of Home


There are multiple reasons to invest advertising budgets in Programmatic DOOH

Last update: July 19, 2023

Programmatic DOOH gives marketers the power of measurement, and thanks to this, it's possible to write this article. Let's start with the following items.

  1. It's a unique digital strategy to include new reach, targeting, amplification and optimization of audiences.
  2. There's real programmatic automation.
  3. Frequency optimization among all DOOH screens.
  4. Choice of Day, Day Parting, and Hyper-Local Targeting. Making it way more accurate.
  5. Targeting by Context of Day, Time, Location, Events, Weather conditions, and more.
  6. Always in-view, non-skippable and "above the fold".
  7. 100% Completion Rate.
  8. Non-Advertising Fraud or Bots. There are real screens in viewable locations.
  9. Non Ad-Blocking.
  10. No Channel Changing.
  11. High-Impact creative messaging.
  12. Brand Safety.
  13. Creative Flexibility and speed.
  14. Huge canvases for engaging creative executions.
  15. Dynamic Creative optimization (DCO) to generate engaging ads according to External our surrounding Context.