Unlocking the Potential of Outdoor Advertising for Digital Agencies: Overcoming Pain Points and Achieving Goals


Unlock the power of outdoor advertising for digital agencies: Learn how to overcome pain points and achieve your goals.

Last update: April 5, 2023

Outdoor advertising has long been a staple of the marketing industry, providing brands with the opportunity to reach a wider audience and build brand recognition. For digital agencies, outdoor advertising can offer a unique and powerful way to enhance their clients' marketing strategies. However, it's important to understand the pain points, interests, and desires of digital agencies that work with outdoor advertising in order to create effective campaigns.

Pain Points:

One of the biggest pain points for digital agencies that work with outdoor advertising is the difficulty in measuring the ROI of their campaigns. Unlike digital advertising, it can be challenging to accurately measure the impact of outdoor ads, which can make it difficult to justify the investment. Additionally, the limited targeting options available with outdoor advertising can be a challenge, as well as the effects of weather and seasonality on the effectiveness of outdoor ads.


Despite these challenges, digital agencies are drawn to outdoor advertising for its potential to increase brand awareness, enhance customer engagement, and integrate with digital campaigns. By creating memorable and interactive outdoor ads, brands can increase customer engagement and create a more memorable experience. Integrating outdoor ads with online ads, social media campaigns, and other digital channels can create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy.


To achieve their goals and overcome the pain points of outdoor advertising, digital agencies desire more precise targeting options, better measurement tools, and increased flexibility. By having more accurate and reliable data, they can better measure the impact of their campaigns and justify the investment to clients. More precise targeting options would allow them to target specific demographics, behaviors, and locations, making outdoor ads more effective and efficient. Increased flexibility would allow them to experiment with different types of ads and placements, and tailor campaigns to specific client needs and budgets.


Outdoor advertising can be a powerful tool for digital agencies, but it's important to understand the pain points, interests, and desires of this unique segment of the marketing industry. By addressing these challenges and desires, digital agencies can create effective outdoor advertising campaigns that enhance their client's marketing strategies and achieve their goals.